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November 26, 2011

Mosquito attack in Bogor Agricultural University;why and how to overcome the problem

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By Adhiet Yogi Utomo (C14110009) BDP 48


As we know that Bogor Agricultural University (BAU) have a big population of mosquito in the campus. from the class room, forest, garden, student center and the dormitory. each year in the rainy season there are so much dengue fever diseases report at the dormitory. many students lost their chances to study about 1-2 weeks because this diseases. And what can we do for solving this problem?

Dragonfly is exactly what we need here.we can see that it’s a weird things that in a big biodiversity campus like BAU there are less dragonfly.dragonfly, also known as mosquitohawks is an important control agent for mosquito. Dragonfly larvae (naiads) eat the larvaein water storage as well as adult dragonflies hunt and eat adult mosquitoes, especially theAsian tiger mosquito that flies by day. fogging mosquito can make matters worse andincrease the tempo of the mosquito population in the long term if it is to eliminate natural enemy of mosquito dragonflies and other predators.

I got some opinion about why dragonfly almost extinct in our lovely campus. First, there must be a big fogging in the past in our campus, after fogging the quantity of mosquito is being reduced, but other insect like dragonfly died too because of fogging. so in the long term the mosquito population become bigger and bigger like what happen in this day, and because the low quality of water in some lake in BAU.

Indonesia alone has 750 species from a total of 5000 species of dragonflies in the world.Even that boast endemic species found in the area of ​​Sulawesi are Gynacantha penelopeAeshnidae subfamily. Until now synonymous with the dragonfly with hedge trees, beautiful and clean rivers. Dragonfly rarely or hardly found in the heavy polluted region and denseurban areas. This relates to the life cycle of dragonflies that can not be far away fromwater. Dragonfly eggs are placed in a safe in the water, usually in leaf blades of waterplants. Female dragonflies lay their eggs only in the waters clean and pollution free.Dragonfly larvae will live as well as developing in the bottom waters and experience themetamorphosis heterometabola into nymphs. The next phase, dragonfly nymphs can only survive in an aquatic environment clean. On the other hand, nymphs also play a role in eating mosquito larva that can transmit dangerous diseases like malaria & dengue fever.That is, the presence of dragonflies can be used as bioindicator to monitor water quality in the environment around us.[Anonymous,2011]

I think that we have some solution to bring back natural ecosystem stability back in BAU, because it will make many advantages for our lovely campus.first the mosquito population will be back to stability which not harm human so much,and it will be a precious gems for BAU if we have big quantity of dragonflies that will look so wonderful and add more value for BAU agrotourism program.

First,we can take dragonflies from other places that have many quantities of dragonflies like in cianjur, malang, and other places that have fresh non-polluted water, maybe about 500-600 dragonflies enough for the start . And we must choose dragonfly species that suitable to live in temperature and weather of BAU.

Second, we must revitalize pond and lake in BAU. It’s not only useful for esthetics’ function and decoration function but it’s an absolute condition for dragonfly to reproduce and we must add water plant at the ponds or lake.

Third, stop fogging in BAU.BAU have a huge quantities of insect, not only mosquito. If we fogging the BAU,it’s like using nuclear weapon to kill an ant. It has very devastated effect, if not die, the larvae of insect will be weakened so there is a big chance that the natural balance will be disturbed.

And the last point from me, don’t forget to do the classical way. We must control the mosquito vectors, is the drain bath / shelter, closing tightly water shelter, bury the canscontainers, battery containers and tires containers around the campus, and buildingimprovement design and the most important thing, make BAU to be a clean campus.

If we do all the things stated above .I am sure that we will not have to worry about mosquito attack and our campus will be greater and greater so we will proud to say that we are from Bogor Agricultural University ,a World Class University.



September 26, 2011

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